About Us

From 2000-2006 a sister work, the Arizona Youth Symphony, was active as a full symphonic orchestra for youths ages 13-21. Concerts included the performances of full-length symphonic literature. Mr. Bardin lives with his wife Jan in the Prescott, Arizona area. He has three grown children.


Steven L. Bardin, B.M., M.M. has been instructing piano for 35 years in the Phoenix area. He opened his studio in Prescott, Arizona during April of 2018.

He has taught at all levels including the preparation for collegiate study. As a performer, he is active as a pianist, percussionist, and composer. He is accepting new and transfer piano students starting at age 10. Parental support is mandatory for success at this endeavor. Adults are welcome to study if they are serious and can abide by the conditions of piano practice and regular weekly lesson attendance.

The teaching principles of his studio include a thorough knowledge of music and piano performance through traditional methods and public recitals.


Students audition to perform on two annual concerts that are held at the Hotel St. Michael Ballroom in historic downtown Prescott. These concerts include professional musicians and are attended by music lovers from the community. There is an admission charge for audience members. Performing students and their family members pay the concert fee of $50.00. Children under the age of seven are not allowed to attend these concerts.

The development of a complete and integrated piano method was the result of 25 years of study, research, and practical studio experience. The result is the Studio Manual for Piano. This instruction manual is available in two volumes and covers all of the theory, technical, reading and aural skills necessary for the advancement of all disciplined students of the piano.