“You won’t find a better piano teacher! Mr. Bardin is passionate about music and teaching and is very personable. He has been a great influence on my life and I would highly recommend him!”

-Julie Burns, Mesa, Arizona

“Both of our girls have been with Steve’s studio for multiple years. Both girls have advanced under his guidance. I’d encourage any parent/child who is looking for an instructor that not only is well respected in this discipline but takes your child’s training seriously and will put the time and energy into their advancement. Of course, it’s a given that the student is diligent and takes their responsibilities/practicing seriously too.”

-Seb Pino, Tempe, Arizona

“This testimonial speaks to the strengths of the Bardin Music Studio which we have had the pleasure of experiencing as a family for over ten years. The essence of Bardin Music Studio, according to our two oldest sons who are Bardin graduates and our youngest son who is still in the studio, can be summed up in one word: EXCELLENCE! They knew and know the work to be rigorous and demanding as this skill is learned. Our oldest son had experienced the pain of working with three less competent piano teachers prior to Steve Bardin. What a difference his instruction has made! He sets the bar high! In order to be accomplished in their piano performance, our sons were and are expected to display discipline, responsibility and endurance in their practice.The results speak for themselves! Their ability to perform on stage is outstanding! In addition to his expertise, our sons respect this man for his commitment to professionalism both in the studio and the performance hall.They also know that he cares about them as individuals and speaks to them about life lessons learned through the instruction of piano. Every penny we have invested in this studio has been well worth it! Steve Bardin has instilled an appreciation for classical music that remains to this day and has helped make men out of these boys!”

-Steve and Mary Ann Kisiel, Tempe, Arizona

“Mr. Bardin has been the piano teacher of our two boys for some time. We came to know him by a recommendation from one of our friends and in fact many of our friends also go to him for piano instruction. Our boy’s piano skills have improved tremendously since they joined Mr. Bardin’s studio. He’s been a great teacher to our boys- he is not just teaching music but he’s also teaching discipline to them. As a bonus we get to attend Mr. Bardin’s recitals, which we always enjoy.”

-Nazetri and Juliana Prasetyo, Chandler, Arizona

“My two children have studied piano with Mr. Bardin for 3 and 5 years. He selects beautiful pieces of music for them to play from classical composers such as Mozart, Bach, and Grieg as well as from more contemporary composers such as John Williams, Scott Joplin, and George M. Cohan. His curriculum balances musical technique with music theory, history, and performance. In addition to music skills, his training has given them focus, problem solving skills, and self confidence. The three recitals are high points every year.”

-Elizabeth Wentz, Dean of Social Sciences, Arizona State University